18/ Stack the Keyboard

  1. This article about routines, rituals, meaning from Ava of bookbear express is really worthwhile for those trying to get their start in writing.
  2. I love getting a sense of word counts on books when I’m in the pre-planning stages of a project. Word Counters is an excellent resource to get an estimate on the ranges and expectations of different genres or specific books that you are using as a model.
  3. Although this article talks about newsletters and journalism, I think it’s a valuable reminder that as writers, we can’t rely on just one book/one stream of income to make our career.
  4. I am quite fascinated with the Qwerkywriter, a bluetooth-enabled keyboard for your computer. I’d also recommend this future best-selling author mug.
  5. ~~Don’t forget my office hours are back.~~
  6. Austin Kleon shared this exercise from Jeff Tweedy called a Word Ladder. It’s an amazing way to play with words and images. I tried it the other day, using beekeeping as my starting point, and here are my results:
Up next Friday Links - Dec 11, 2020 Ludwig is a Twitch Streamer and he did a video where he set up a Shopify store, added a shirt/logo maker, and then within a few hours had started to
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