19/ Looking Past the Boundaries

  1. Working with this website has made me consider the value of forced constraints.
  2. I really loved this video about a man spending 24 hours to do a marathon, but only one mile an hour. The rest of his time he spends working through a list of to-do items, some which take the entire 24 hours (like planting trees and building a table) and others only one hour (like fixing a chair or playing Scrabble). Bonus points for his stew and bread—they looked delicious.
  3. I really liked these books at various stages. It kind of reminds me of Austin Kleon’s notebooks.
  4. I’m very interested in looking at story outside the boundaries of a book, so the e-game book, A Dungeon Master, caught my eye. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure or text-based game, but your actions have realistic and meaningful impact on the fictional, simulated world.
  5. I recently finished Make: A Bootstrapper’s Handbook by Pieter Levels. It is written for app developers, but I really liked how applicable some of his advice on ideas, building, and launching were to the indie author. And again, I loved his different approach on how to make a book.
Up next Forced constraints Earlier this morning, I was trying to write a post on why I keep changing the look of this blog, but it became unruly. I had too many ideas and no 250 Words Recently, I’ve imposed a limit on myself while writing these blog posts; 250 words or less. This was to help me focus my writing and not tackly to
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