You have an idea. Great. Get to work.

Give yourself a 10 day deadline to build the structure. As Derek Sivers, CD Baby founder said, If you’ve got idea you want to do, don’t sit there for a whole year trying to raise funding or whatever before you can put it out in the world. Just give yourself a 10-day deadline. If there’s something you think the world wants, try it within 10 days. Then you can incrementally improve it over the months… Just get it out there and start to get feedback.”

Then give yourself 21 days to write the first draft of the script and when you are done, get people to read it and spend the next couple of months rewriting it.

Now repeat this process over the next two years and give yourself the time to grow. You’ll be a lot further along than that guy with the great idea that he’s still kept locked in his head.

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