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250 Words

David Gane
David Gane
1 min read

Recently, I've imposed a limit on myself while writing these blog posts; 250 words or less. This was to help me focus my writing and not tackly to big of an idea at once, but now there may be a benefit for you, the reader, as well.

On a recent episode of Bullseye, Roman Mars of 99% Invisible says that one of the issues of people starting out in podcasting is that:

"they didn't have that time where they had to discipline themselves in terms of the radio clock and how to fit stuff into time and how not to waste your audiences time and I think the work kind of suffers because of that."

The more I focus on communicating a single idea, the more you gain as a reader. I'm no longer wasting your time, and the easier it is for you to here the single idea.

To me, that is a win/win.

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