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Some things end, some things change

This has been a week full of travel, reflection, and decisions.

David Gane
David Gane
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Some things end, some things change

Hello again!

This has been a week full of travel, reflection, and decisions. Here are the five (very writerly) things I'm sharing this week:

  1. After a month long run, I've decided to take a break from writing a story a day. Here are my reflections on the experience.
  2. Favourite stories of this last week were Moments Pass Like These and Western Red Lilies.
  3. Despite all my issues with Amazon (which never let up), I've recently heard and read two counterpoints that made me think. The first comes from Seth Godin in a response to a question that reflects many of my concerns (it starts at 17:41). The second comes from this post by Zack Kanter.
  4. Alexander Chee's article on how to overcome writers block was illuminating and I highly recommend it.
  5. I've been reading a little bit of Shawn Coyne lately and found his take on genre interesting.

Okay, that's it for this week. Thank you for reading.

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