Within walking distance

I took a long walk, I shared my writing related projects, and I share a quote about creation and resonance.

Within walking distance

Happy Friday! Here are the 5 things I'm sharing this week.

  1. On Monday, I checked off something from my summer bucket list and walked 35 kilometres to a neighbouring town.
  2. I also offered my first Monday meet-up: Do you have any writing-related projects planned for the summer? If you haven't responded, I'd love to hear from you.
  3. This essay from Shreyas Hariharan has been on my mind: "Any creation is an act of tapping a tuning fork and seeing who resonates. Creation is the risk. Resonance is the reward."
  4. James Clear on the Myth and Magic of Deliberate Practice: "If you can’t win by being better, then win by being different."
  5. I recently discovered Neil Pasticha and his new podcast 3 Books, where he has conversations with influential people about their three most formative books.

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Have a great day.


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