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Hello again.

On July 13, I started writing a blog post every day. I'd share something about writing from Tuesday to Sunday and do a short story on Monday.

This is my 81st post.

It didn't happen every day. Often I was too tired or out of time, or didn't have internet. But over time, I filled them all in.

Before July 13, I was lost.

I had spent over a year trying to grow my website and failing multiple times. I had rebuilt the newsletter numerous times, trying to make it grow, and eventually burned myself out.

In the spring, I decided to quit being a screenwriting teacher. I'd been at it for over ten years, unable to move from a sessional instructor position. I looked for a new job in a different industry but, after several months, found nothing.

Then things changed.

I released my fourth book with my writing partner. At different events, people asked me to help them with their writing and I didn't hesitate. It felt natural to me. When I was offered to teach screenwriting again, I said yes.

I quit looking for work when I knew I couldn't manage class, family life, and a new job. I offered to coach again. I got a few clients. It wasn't much, but it felt good to be helping others tell their stories.

Over the past 81 days, I quit caring about subscribers and the growth of my website. I deleted all the posts I had saved on how to 10x my subscribers and monetize my audience. Now, all I care about is showing up and doing the work. I'm happy and content, and I feel better every day.

I no longer feel lost.

So this is a heads-up. I'll be doing one of these each month, so if you subscribed to the old newsletter, you might want to unsubscribe below. If you decide to stick around, please check out the recent posts and leave me a comment.

Have a great day.