A few thoughts on Dune
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A few thoughts on Dune

Last week, I saw Dune with my son. I liked its look, its pace, its direction, and its performances. It’s also probably the most teenager-friendly movie I think Denis Villeneuve has ever directed. If I was that age, I think I would’ve been even more captured by it.

Its 5 act structure seemed to break into:

  1. Intro to the world and the transfer of power.
  2. Preparing for the trip
  3. Journey to Arrakis
  4. The betrayal.
  5. The escape through the desert.

However, I can’t stop thinking about this one video from Wisecrack critiquing the use of the lone hero myth that is prevalent in the genre:

“But stories, Dune warns us, can also be fuel for destructive forces, used to justify and reinforce unfair power disparities. In this way, while Dune has been seen as yet another instalment of the sci-fi tropes of its time, it’s more fair to view it as an active critique rather than a celebration of them.

I’m curious if we’ll get any hints of that by the end.