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A few thoughts on inspiration

You always have ideas.
  1. I don't usually wait for it anymore. I start writing and find it down in the process. If the words I come up with are boring, I abandon them. If there is even a hint of something—a thought, an image, an action—I follow it until it turns into something or vanishes.
  2. This doesn't always work. It fails when time is tight and the ideas aren't coming. Without enough time, you can't always explore the idea.
  3. We usually have many ideas but abandon them because we don't think they're good. We believe they're boring, cliched, or dull. We don't accept what we feel are duds.

I'm not saying you need to use all the bad ones, but don't ever say you don't have the ideas. You'll always have something to write if you remain open to all ideas.

It's not just about the idea but how you craft it that matters.