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All Moved In

David Gane
David Gane
2 min read

Hello and thanks for visiting

Welcome to the new place. I haven't really gussied the place up, but to be honest, I don't know how much I intend. I like this clean and simple look.

Why the move?

It's been a long time coming.

I have had the domain for a while but I never really knew what to do with it. I wanted it as my central home but everyone knew me for

Then, after the weekend of Black Friday, broke. Not the Tumblr site, but the redirect. I tried to get the problem fixed, but was eventually told that it was likely on some server in some faraway city, and no one will likely care to do anything about it.

I also like having a place on the internet, but I have found myself to become more of a digital hermit and the social world of Tumblr or Facebook can be too much sometimes. I don't really care about the screwdriver someone bought, the awesome nachos they made, or how you hate that certain person. I don't want to see multiple pictures and GIFs of whatever is the cultural zeitgeist of the day, and I don't want to slip into the habit of reblogging someone else's work again and again. Oh, and I am really tired of the spambots, or people who only seem to be spambots. All of it adds up to one thing--noise.

I want a place where I am forced to create content and not simply repeat and regurgitate and consume what already exists.

So…why the move?

I wanted a place of my own, where I had a connection to the content. This site is run through, a nifty little upstart that converts static Markdown files from Dropbox. It resides on my computer, backed-up here, and in the cloud. If one day either of those sites disappear, I still have all my content.

I also like the portability. I could blog from anywhere with Tumblr, but plays better, and I can customize the tools I wish to use. All I need is a text editor that saves in Markdown and works off Dropbox. Presently, I am using Nocs on the iPad and iPhone, and Mou on the Mac. All my images are run through Lightroom and posted on SmugMug.

I like the simplicity of Right now, I have decided not to add comments or ways for people to share. If you want to get a hold of me, there is email, Twitter, and for those who know me, Facebook Messenger. I am not switching the Facebook Page over to this site and I am not about promoting it. I am fine people visiting, but this is more a house than a hotel, and I am not interested in people trampling all over my rugs.

Finally, as I moved all the content out of www.8 seconds of awesome (really, it is a ridiculous name), I noticed how buggy the notes of Tumblr really is. It would say I had 119 notes but when I opened it, I would find 2.

Not everything made it over from the old site. Like any good move, I tossed out a lot of junk. Most reblogs are gone, dead links, dumb posts. I tried to keep what I wrote or what I thought still held relevance. Since it's my site, I will continue to clean as I please.

Get to the point already…

Welcome to the new site. The old site will no longer be used. Not everything was kept. I hope to create more personal blog content from here on out.

Thanks for visiting.

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