Are You Adding to the Noise?

Is what you are working on worth it? Is it worth the money and the time of all those involved?

Is it worth getting a babysitter, driving a car, finding a parking spot, buying the tickets, buying the popcorn, and taking up 2 to 3 hours of someone’s time?

Or is this not your audience? Is it for teenagers on a Friday night who will barely remember it on Monday when they see their friends? Is it a cheap attempt to open big and then disappear into the noise of all the same.

How about the producer who spends years of his energy and his time trying to get the money together to make it? Is it worth his spirit to lie to himself as he lies to others that is worth doing?

What about the crew that gets to work on it with their talent and skill, who know in their heart that it’s just shit?

Is it worth your time? Is it reaching for something? Is it making you a better writer or a better human being? Does it contain in it a big, hairy, audacious goal?

Or is it only for the money?

A remarkable film doesn’t have this cost. Producers are happy to sell it. Crew members are happy to work on it. Audiences are happy to see it. It becomes it’s own engine. Everyone involved wants it to be remarkable.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to try to be remarkable.

And if it isn’t, ask yourself, Is it worth it?”

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