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Chase your interests

Revisiting them lets you explore all its facets.

One of the benefits of writing every day is that I can always revisit old ideas.

Sometimes when I finish a post, I don't feel like I got everything I wanted. I got some of it on the page, but I couldn't grasp all the ideas at the time.

So I'll come back, again and again, rewriting it and rephrasing it until it eventually feels complete. And even then, I may still revisit it.

As creative people, we should allow ourselves this luxury in our storytelling. Revisiting themes or storylines that attract us over and over and explore all the edges.

The danger of letting the marketplace guide our decision-making is that it may not always satisfy our interests. Our writing becomes fractured and leads us to burnout.

Chase your creative interests and follow the veins that lead you to gold. And keep doing it repeatedly until you've mined it for all it's worth.