Today has been a "snooping around" sort of day. I came across egghead.io, which is for web developers and not something I'd use, but I like their approach to teaching:

egghead lessons are bite-sized, practice-ready video tutorials for busy web developers. Every egghead lesson consists of a single screencast that’s 1–10 minutes long. You’ll record your screen as you talk through a code example, just like you’re explaining how you solved a problem to a coworker. The goal of each lesson is to give learners a specific piece of knowledge they can use right away.

This would be my ideal for teaching. Right now, most of my lessons are aroun 20-30 minutes, but I'd like to segment them down to something smaller.


In the Bits & Pieces section below, you are going to find a lot of references to digital gardens and notetaking systems.

A part of me is playing with embedding another set of notes on this website, that references core concepts and ideas. It would be a little like Zettelkasten (or slip-box notes), which was developed by German sociologist Niklas Luhmann who used his note-taking system to publish around 70 books.

There are often passing references here in DDJ, that I want to develop into a more permanent note—something separate and not attached to the rest of the cruft that builds up on these pages. The idea would be then to link to specific notes in order to give a deeper dive on things and better define some of my ideas and interests.

Bits & Pieces