Don’t Make it Difficult

I wanted to do a few posts on what I have figured out about structure.

I wanted to draw my pretty line drawing that I use all the time to show structure but I didn’t want to use my own.

I was going to hire someone to it for me because he has a nice drawing program but as I tried to explain to him what I wanted, I drew it using the -” and |” of my keyboard and decided to skip it.

When those posts come, they won’t be as pretty as they could have been but they’ll get the job done and it will follow a rule I keep try to hold to: Don’t make it difficult.

We don’t need the expensive screenwriting program to write. We don’t need the fancy computer to write and we don’t need the perfect pen or notebook to write.

You should be able to buy the cheap notebook and the cheap pencil and still as good of a job as someone with the most expensive tools in the world.

So, when my posts on structure arrives, they may not be sexy but they get the job done and isn’t that what we are trying to do first with our writing?

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