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Early reflections on time blocking

David Gane
David Gane
1 min read

From newsletter #46, Finding the Time to Write, there was a mention about time blocking, something I tried in the past but never implemented successfully.

I applied it again on Friday, October 29, and so far have found it helpful.

Things I have noticed so far:

  • The transition period between tasks has been tricky. If I'm working on a specific task, I often want to complete it before switching over. What I need to do is to a hard stop and pick it up next time.
  • This issue is compounded when I am at the end of completing something. Even though I have time booked in the future, I always want to finish up, so that I can open up the next block for something else.
  • It has also created a rigidness to me though that I'm not fond of. If I need to drive a family member or pick up something in the house, it creates tension in me. Perhaps over time, I'll have enough of a buffer built of specific projects, that opening up an hour here or there will allow me to accommodate.
  • A deeper reflection of this is that when I was in jobs that I was ready to be finished, I often told myself it was because I wanted to do my own work, yet I never did it when I had the time. Now, I am finding the time amidst the work, but stressed when required to do other things. This creates an odd dynamic: desire for change vs. rigidity to change.
  • However, I've been incredibly productive with time blocking this time. I've been doing things last moment for the last several weeks, and within three days of using it, I am already several days ahead.

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