Hello and welcome to the class.

This week, we'll be reviewing the syllabus and then discussing our first lesson, which focuses on formatting.

At the end, you'll find your first assignment, which is due Sunday, Sept. 6 at midnight (Saskatchewan time).

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My Personal Philosophy

  • Story is story is story.
  • Writing blocks are just fear.
  • Learning comes through time, work, and practice — not just through theory and discussion.
  • Teaching for me is a way to help others to not block, to write, be creative, and do what they enjoy.
  • I believe you're are own best teacher.

Class Philosophy

  • Work/Practice/Experimentation x Time = Growth/Change/Knowledge
  • Build and iterate.
  • Two parts to scriptwriting: formatting and story
  • Sharing and feedback is good.
  • Discussion is good.


Please review it here.

Other Expectations

  • Be respectful and responsible.
  • There may be spoilers.
  • There will be no extensions considered for your work.
  • If you have an unexpected emergency, please contact me, so we can make arrangements about the work.
  • I repeat: no plagiarism.
  • Respect the page lengths. Your fellow students (and I) will thank you.
  • There may be mature subject matter in the writing. Place warnings when you submit to indicate language or subject matter that may upset some readers. However, still show discretion with your writing.
  • If you feel that the subject matter/language/etc. bothers you, you have the choice to not read the script and skip the discussion but please discuss this with me beforehand.
  • If this cannot be handled in a suitable manner, restrictions to all assignments will be made.

The syllabus is a contract between us.

It’s important for you to understand what is expected. However, it may be subject to change through a careful, deliberate process.

Be sure to read it.

If you have any concerns, contact me.

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