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Film 210
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Film 210

Welcome to Introduction to Screenwriting
Film 210

This is your homepage for all things related to the class. Consider bookmarking it for future references. Below you will find Important Links and the Course Schedule.

As mentioned in the syllabus, the lesson and assignments will be unlocked at the start of each week below. Until then, review the syllabus, sign-up for Slack, and set up your account for Zoom. If you any questions email me.


Week 4 is available, including weekly updates.

Syllabus - PDF download

Schedule Your Weekly Meeting

Slack Sign-Up: Please setup your Slack account ASAP. This will be our main source of online discussion within the group. If you are having troubles with sign-up on Slack, please contact me.

Zoom Meeting Room - This will help you sign-up for Zoom, but when you book a meeting time with Calendly, you will receive an email with a link for our meeting.

Emergency Preparedness for Students

Mental Health - Counseling Services

Questions or concerns? Email me

Writing Support

Grammarly - Freemium Subscription

ProWriting Aid  - Subscription - Freemium Subscription

Course Schedule

(Last updated August 10, 2020)

Class 1 (Sept. 2–8): Introduction | Formatting

Class 2 (Sept. 9–15): Story

Class 3 (Sept. 16–22): Descriptions

Class 4 (Sept. 23–29): Want, Obstacle, and Outcome

Class 5 (Sept. 30–Oct. 6): Action and Response

Class 6 (Oct. 7–13): Scene dynamics

Class 7 (Oct. 14–20): Inner Want

Class 8 (Oct. 21–27): Inner Obstacle

Class 9 (Oct. 28–Nov. 3): Character and World Building

Class 10 (Nov. 4–10): Rewriting

Reading Week (November 9–13)

Class 11 (Nov. 18–24): Theme

Class 12 (Nov. 25–Dec. 1): Outlining

Class 13 (Dec. 2–8): Real World

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