Film 310 - Class Introduction

Film 310 - Class Introduction

Who am I?

  • Start as a writer
  • 15 years
  • Industry: television and movies
  • SaskFilm: the industry boom
  • Masters and the major industry change
  • Selling scripts and stories

Teaching for me is a way to help others to not block, to write, be creative, and do what they enjoy.

My philosophy about this class

  • I want you to succeed.
  • Lines of communication are important.
  • I'm here to help build your skills. I'm not worrying about your creativity.
  • I believe you’re your own best teacher.
  • Story is story is story.
  • Formatting is only half the journey. The priority is learning the structure of story.
  • Talent takes you only so far. You need to build skill.
  • We get better through time, work, and practice — not just through theory and discussion.
  • Try to focus on the practice of developing your skills, and less on the outcome.
  • Writing blocks are just fear.
  • Sharing and feedback is good.
  • Having an opposing viewpoint with the instructor in discussion is good.
Film 310 - Home Page
This is your homepage for all things related to the class. Consider bookmarkingit for future references. Below you will find Links and the Course Schedule. As mentioned in the syllabus, the lesson and assignments will be unlocked at thestart of each week below. Until then, review the syllabus,…
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