Here are some links of things I have caught my interest, as of late:

I Wrote a 120 Page Script But Can’t Write a Logline: The Construction of a Logline
“A logline conveys the dramatic story of a screenplay in the most abbreviated manner possible. It presents the major throughline of the dramatic narrative without character intricacies and sub-plots. It is the story boiled down to its base. A good logline is one sentence.”

I Wrote a 120 Page Script But Can’t Tell You What It’s About: The Construction of a Pitch
“Pitching” is the art of presenting the story in a truncated and intriguing manner that piques the listener’s curiosity, resulting in the solicitation of the screenplay

Set Yourself on Fire
“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire.”

Procrastinating Again? How to Kick the Habit As one who is guilty of this, these words rang true: In the end, Knaus calculated that the lawyer had spent 40 hours delaying a task that would have taken about two minutes to complete.”

“The opportunity to instruct or assist when you can gain nothing in return is priceless. It creates meaning and momentum and structure.”

7 Days, 7 Shoots
A film by Vincent Laforet, shot on the Canon EOS 5D MKII.

Up next The Stakes From Blake Snyder: “If you are not getting 4-10 responses for every 100 email or query letter you send — it’s not the agent, it’s your pitch!” Life Work I am starting to feel like a broken record but I am going to keep at it while I know that there are the stragglers out there. Why aren’t you doing
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