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Friday Links - December 5

David Gane
David Gane
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Intended as a project management tool, I thought it could be used as a way to outline your script. A similar app is the fantastic Backpack from 37Signals.

Using the Design Process

“There are many different versions, no set list covers all the ways people interpret the Design Process. As you get more familiar with the use of the process, you tend to skip around inside it as your project needs dictate.” I have a feeling I will be coming back to this in a later post.

Malcolm Gladwell | Outliers: The Story of Success
Via the wonderful swissmiss - “Genius and creativity don’t necessarily spring forth unbidden, he says; they require time and support to experiment, to try and even fail.”

On Permanence
“The permanence of printed ink on paper forces us to stay in both review-mode and do-mode for longer spans of time. The end result is we fly a smoother path, save time and energy and reduce the risk of crashing and burning along the way.”

Louis C.K. on Starting Over; Carlin’s Artful Process
From the awesome Merlin Mann: “Instead of going conservative by gluing new treads onto old tires, he did something tantamount to suicide for a working comic; he threw out his whole set and started over.”

How To Pitch Successfully
Written for business, some good advice for anyone needing to pitch, if only for the advice: “10: 1 Fact: For every ten emails you send, you will yield (maybe) one reply. Just keep going.”

Advice from Sloane Crosley
Found on Jurgen Wolfe’s A Time to Write - “You don’t really have to wait to be great, or to do what you want to do,” Crosley said. “I think that one of the best things I ever did was really complete an intensely terrible novel as an undergrad, which will never see the light of day—but I’m glad I did it so I know that I can at least start and finish, maybe to a more quality effect later.”

Twyla Tharp on the Subject of Motivation and Creativity:
I will be definitely investing Tharp’s book The Creative Habit

TV Tropes Wiki
Covering almost every conceivable media type, TV Tropes is a fun journey and handy guide to every storytelling device ever used under the sun.


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