From a Student

I got this email from a student:

This was a tough assignment, and one that I’ve been bitching loudly about for the past week - and perhaps loudest in these last few hours. But I did learn a lot - plenty more than I listed, of course. And there were moments where I had a lot of fun…

I think what I’m trying to say is that this made me enjoy writing again. Like a lot of people, as I got older, I slowly stopped writing. A person reads more novels, watches more movies, and realizes that they kind of suck in comparison. Nothing’s good enough anymore. I mean, that’s the way it was with me. But after writing this, I think I’m over that.

First of all, I loved this.

But also, as a creative, we often struggle with what we are doing, especially when a part of the process requires us to look critically at the work, whether it is ours or others.

It is healthy to define and refine what we like and dislike but the process can overwhelm us and it can stop us from moving forward with the new work. We lose focus because we allow the line that divides us from the good from the bad to separate us from what we enjoy doing.

I am not sure it can be avoided but it is good to be see when someone overcomes it because it reminds us and others that it is possible.

This email made my day.

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