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Need help with your fiction?

Feeling lost or confused about how to write your story? Struggling with how to get the words on the page?

I’ve been a writer-in-residence, coach, and writing instructor for over a decade. I’m here to help.

Would you like:

  • to have someone give you feedback on your writing?
  • figure out the structure of your story?
  • get out of a writing rut?
  • want advice  from an internationally  award-winning  published author?

What others say:

“David Gane is a wonderful writing instructor and I feel lucky to have been in his classes. I genuinely feel my writing has improved greatly because of his influence.” 
— Laura P.
“David’s style of teaching was very refreshing and engaging...He thoroughly uplifted people’s creativity and created an environment that fosters different opinions, not to mention he genuinely cares about the people in his classes.”
 — Calic T.
“David is extremely dedicated to his craft, always giving attention to the finest details, and always challenging himself with each new project... His creative process never takes a break.”
— Lucas F
“David is constantly wanting the absolute best for his students. Always engage and too fricken nice. He actually want you to grow not as a writer but an artist!!! HUGE KUDOS!”
— Anonymous
“David was a fantastic professor. I was nervous and intimidated by the weekly meetings at first, but he is so friendly, personable, and easy to talk to. He was always kind, made an effort to get to know me and my life and goals, and was very encouraging of my writing and my ideas.”
 — Anonymous
“David did an amazing job teaching this course. Not only was the content engaging, but he went out of his way to ensure that students had a chance to meet with him to discuss the marks they received each week. Fantastic job!”
 — Anonymous
“David Gane is very passionate about writing and it came through in his questions and feedback.” 
— Anonymous


I want to help you do the work and tell your story. I’m here to offer guidance and advice, but this is about you and your writing.

I try to offer you the tools that will help you do the work, whether it is helping with your story structure or your work habits, or figuring out what is standing in your way.

I’ve been a writing instructor for over a decade and worked with over 200+ students. I also practice what I teach and am an internationally award-winning co-author of four YA murder mysteries.

If you’re looking for help with your writing, I’m here for you.

What you'll get with your membership:

  • A guaranteed one-hour monthly meeting where we'll discuss your writing.
  • Regular email correspondence, including weekly check-ins on your work.


CAD 50/month or CAD 500/year