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Get Out of Your Own Way

The worst thing you can do as a writer is to start second-guessing your decisions. It leads to fear, worry, and eventually blocking up.

When writing, especially in a specific genre (read: tried and true), the desire to bust the cliché and move into new territory is always high. But what happens if you don’t have anything to fill the void.

Two options come to mind: embrace the cliche or make something up.

Either option is worthwhile. The cliche is familiar but it also lets you know where you stand as a writer. This doesn’t mean you are going to stand still at this point. With practice, you will move past it, and have the opportunity to do it right another time.

If you make it up, do it fast. Don’t question it. Write it, get it down, and move on.

You may end up with another cliche, so refer to the above.

The other possibility is you break the cliche by inverting it, subverting it, building on it or just tossing it away. This is the edge of where creativity happens.

Make a choice, get out of the way, and write.