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I remember

My zombified version of a story that riffs on a pop song.
I remember
Photo by Ahmet Sali

I remember after the comet came, the world was in chaos, and the people turned.

I remember when they burst through the barricades and checkpoints and couldn’t be stopped.

I remember when they bit you.

I remember the terror in your eyes.

I remember not knowing what to do.

I remember when you died.

I remember after you returned and you cornered me in our bedroom.

I remember how you were ready to tear the flesh from my bones.

I remember my escape. Of sleepless nights and unrelenting runs when my lungs were ready to explode.

I remember the car and the city on fire like a sunset in the rearview mirror.

And I remember you. On the hill. In your dress.

And I promise not to forget.