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"It's not there"

The question is never: “Do you have anything to write?” It is: “Do you want to write?”

If you do, sit down at the page and write. Starting out, commit yourself to 15 minutes in a day. I am sure you can find that. You have 96 opportunities in the day to choose from.

Write anything. Just keep the pen moving across the page or fingers hitting the keyboard for 15 minutes.

Do it everyday. Do it until it comes because it will.

You might ask, how long will it take until it comes? Well, how long have you wanted to be a writer? Or, how much do you want to be a writer?

It took me over 15 years and it all came together in a moment of no longer giving excuses and just making myself tell a story that lasted 120 pages.

I am hoping you have either three reactions:

  1. “You’re right. I have been making excuses and now it’s time to write.”
  2. “I know you’re right but… (insert excuse here).” We are good at playing mind games, giving excuses. Realize that is all that they are and get on with it.
  3. “You’re wrong.” Good. Prove it to me. Commit to my experiment. Do it for a month. If you really want to write, you will be doing it for a lot longer than a month. In 30 days, send me an email, telling me why you aren’t writing.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Still looking for more reasons you aren’t writing. Send me a note.