Usually, when I post interesting web apps at the old blog, no one seems to care.

So, when the opportunity came up to plug Joe’s Goals, I passed on the chance.

But then an updated 2.0 version came up and I sent out an email to a few people to improve my odds at getting it. And of course, two people liked it enough to sign up on it.

So, I am throwing this out to anyone interested.

Joe’s Goals is a basic web app to track any of those tasks (or habits) that you want or need to do on a daily or weekly basis. I use it to remind myself to exercise, write, water the plants, those things I always forget to do.

It fits the weak link in the chain that Kate sees in GTD, where the little regular tasks can slip through the cracks while doing the big items.

It also can track your bad habits, which I really like. It also gives you stats of how many times you have done something right (or wrong), how many you have done consecutively, and what is the longest chain of consecutive days you have. That way you can set goals and move towards them.

I am also including some posts that have I come across that I have liked and seem relevant to task and habit building:

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