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Just write

If I have one goal, it is for you to write.

There are no real secrets anymore. The information can be found online and free. If you don’t trust it, keep searching until you realize the same ideas are repeated over and over. If you still don’t trust it, buy a couple of books and follow the advice. Just write.

If you don’t know how to format your script, get one of the many free programs that are online. If you don’t trust them, buy one of the expensive programs. If you don’t have the money, quit complaining. If you don’t have a computer, then grab pen and paper. Just write.

Now practice. Write over and over, again and again. Write till the pen runs out of ink and get a new pen. Write till your head aches and your hand cramps from pecking at the keys too long.

Learn from your mistakes. Do it better the next time. Get past the theory of reading books and following the advice of teachers and turn it into wisdom.

That’s the reason this blog exists.