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Let your writing marinate

Writing is thinking, idea generation, and creating something of value.


This week an article from Steph Smith took me down a rabbit hole about writing, idea generation, and creating something of value. There's plenty of directions and resources to explore. I hope you enjoy the links.

  1. Like I mentioned above, this article from Steph Smith has been on my mind all week: Writing is Thinking.
  2. Steph Smith's idea of letting your writing marinate reminds me of Peter Elbow and his book Writing Without Teachers, where he uses the metaphor of writing as cooking. He also uses the metaphor of writing as growing, which syncs up nice with Smith, as well as Digital Gardens and Zettelkasten.
  3. And to start building that list of ideas, you could apply James Altucher's Ten Ideas for idea generation. I've also revisited this venn diagram of ikigai to sort through them and find which ones are most valuable.
  4. I also want to mention Elle Griffins's The one where I grow my newsletter by 1,200 subscribers in one summer. I feel like there's a lot in here but I like how she used her advantages to build her audience.
  5. With all my travelling as of late, I've been listening to audiobooks on Libby a lot. I finished up When by Daniel H. Pink and recommend his other books Drive and To Sell is Human. I also loved Ted Chiang's collection of short stories Exhalation (my favourite is “The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate”).

That's it for the week! Thank you for visiting.

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