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Low stakes

David Gane
David Gane
1 min read

One of the most immediate returns on the new website is that the stakes are lower. I am not as terrified to post a small, short note on here, but I haven't figured out why.

Perhaps it's the ease of use. I only need to type this on my phone to get it out there. On the old website, I had to write it, then format and make sure all the setting were right, on a website that only worked okay on one device.

Or perhaps it's that the post appears differently on the blog. There are lower stakes for you to read. Previously, you couldn't browse and scan; you had to commit to the click. Now, it’s quick to decide if you want to read, or if you want to move on. (There’s an even simpler layout on here that offers lower stakes, but I’ve held off on using it.)

But I like this new feeling. It reminds me more of a tumble blog (like Tumblr) or a microblog. It also makes me want to post more.

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