Ludwig is a Twitch Streamer and he did a video where he set up a Shopify store, added a shirt/logo maker, and then within a few hours had started to earn sales.

First of all, he had more people coming to his store in a day that we’ve ever seen, plus he converted some of them into sales. The second impressive thing is how he attracted them to the shop that he built only an hour beforehand! He saw an opportunity and he went for it.

Another video had him donating to other smaller streamers if they did what he asked them. He asked one what he should do to build his audience (since this is what Ludwig’s followers ask him often), and he was impressed with the streamers response which was to focus on the content (he even acknowledged the donations wasn’t simply out of kindness, but also focused on creating more content).

I think we as writers forget to focus on creating plenty of content, because we get caught up in the single book (like me, right now). But also, we also forget to match our content to our audience to create sales.

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