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More than writing

It’s not really about the other stuff you do, but it actually is.

Gabe, the Bass Player, shared what it takes to be a successful artist lately—and said it is more than playing music.

I loved this post because I’ve been thinking about a version of this for writing for a while. I just never felt confident that I’d get the tone right.

So read Gabe’s and switch it to writing.

But this post makes me think of the stories we tell ourselves.

  • I can’t write this piece because it’s boring
  • I don’t grasp the idea, Someone else has written it.

Fortunately, the bland or repeated versions are still ways to get you writing.

Sometimes we have to do those shitty first drafts to get it out of the system, clear the pipes, and get to work. Sure, you have an excuse, but could you work around it and do the job?