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Morgan’s Advice for Feedback
1 min read

Morgan’s Advice for Feedback

Below is the full text that Morgan shared on Slack.

Hey y'all! Now that everything has been submitted and its time to provide feedback, I figured I'd throw out a few things that I personally found helpful to consider during my time in the class. It's not definitive guideline, just something that might help get the ball rolling.

  • How is the story's pacing? Do you feel certain things could be cut to further along the action? Or are things happening too fast and need more build up?
  • Do action lines need to be shortened/expanded on? Sometimes descriptions can become too wordy, which makes action hard to follow. On the other hand, sometimes descriptions are so vague, you lose important context. Your script is a story, but it's also a guideline used by a whole team of creatives.
  • What about the dialogue? Does it feel natural? Additionally, do the characters feel natural? Are they maybe relying too heavily on tropes in a way that isn't working for you?
  • For both action and dialogue: Are certain phrases being overused? I often find repetitions of phrases or idioms pretty distracting when I'm reading, so I always look out for those.
  • If the script is hitting these things just right, make sure to point out specifically why! Compliments keep ya going, you know? If you feel like you're maybe being too critical, just remember the age old rule of the "compliment sandwich"

Grammar and formatting at easy things to point out, but we also want to help each other be stronger story tellers! If you have any questions or further suggestions for your classmates, just pop 'em in this thread.

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