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Moving again

David Gane
David Gane
1 min read

This will be likely the last post here.

I am moving on to a new blog engine and as the final switches are flipped, will no longer redirect here.

Here is my explanation from the new site.

For the past several years, I have posted sporadically about things that interested me, like technology and design, and some of my personal life. This is going to change.

The intention of the new site is to focus on my writing. During my MFA in Media Production Studies, I rediscovered my love for the written word with not only my specialization in screenwriting, but fiction as well.

So, as I come to the end of my academic life, I have decided to continue this pursuit in writing. I am going to work in fiction, scripts, and maybe even poetry or drama. For now though, I am going to keep writing, sharing my work with you, while also submitting other stories for publication, and developing my skills.

Also, one of the main reasons for this site is that I am starting a new project in the next couple of days. Its called 40 for 40, in which I plan on writing 40 short stories before my 41st birthday (I turn 40 tomorrow). I will share them online for people to read and comment on, and I also hope that by the end, I will have a nice collection that I can publish into a book.

This is the next stage of my life, and this website is a symbol of this new path. For years, I have talked about being a writer but I have not committed myself fully towards it. This is the beginning for me towards that goal and trying my hand at writing as a living.

You will be a part of the process. There will be the stories that I will share with you on the site for free. You can tell others, share, and comment. As well, I have set up a tip jar, just in case you like what you read and want to contribute, helping me to keep writing.

As I go on this journey, this website will reflect the process. I will show the work, the victories, and perhaps the struggles along the way.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.


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Co-writer of the Shepherd and Wolfe young adult mysteries, the internationally award-winning series, and teacher of storytelling and screenwriting.


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