New beginnings, delivered by scriptogr.am

This is an experiment in something new.

I have had my Tumblr blog for almost 5 years but I have always been uneasy with it. I like the cloud but I want to also have a backup of it somewhere. Over the past year, I have been slowly scaling back everything I have on the web, and pulling it back home.

Recently, I saw on swissmiss a link for scriptogr.am, a blogging site supported by Dropbox, using Markdown, and I decided it was time to try the switch. I liked its simplicity and it was a first step for me to owning my stuff.

I am not sure what my plans for 8secondsofawesome are but I may just leave it as a memory of the past five years, while importing the worthwhile posts I have made.

So, welcome and hello. This will slowly grow over the next few months.

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