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Building your audience

How to build your audience, one person at a time.

As writers, an audience can support us, encourage us, and pay us to continue doing what we love.

But how do we find them?

Here are five links to help you on your way.

  1. To grow your audience from zero, the blogging platform Ghost guides you through the creator funnel. “At the heart of every content strategy is a funnel—a model for how your ideal fans will discover your work, engage with what you've made, and ultimately support what you do.”
  2. Geraint Clark shows the 6 steps of building an audience from nothing. “Are you just saying something, or are you giving something?…By making an impact on a stranger's life, you attract their attention and earn their respect.”
  3. Melinda Crow suggests 8 ways to use a minimum viable product to grow your writing audience. “A minimum viable product (MVP) is a simplified, scaled-down version of anything you might produce that you can use to promote your business.”
  4. Josh Spector offers 5 pieces of advice when you are struggling to grow your audience.“If you’re struggling to grow your audience, it’s not because you suck. (Probably.) It’s more likely because you misunderstand how audiences work.”
  5. And lastly, I can’t recommend Your Music and People by Derek Sivers enough. “Are your fans telling their friends? If not, then don’t waste time promoting it yet. Keep working, improving, and creating, until your fans are telling their friends about you.”

In the end, building an audience takes time and great care. It's about crafting a great book, building great connections, and providing great value.

Good luck.

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