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Notes from Ludwig

David Gane
David Gane
2 min read

A while back, I did a post on Ludwig Ahgren, a Twitch streamer.

I had a bunch of notes from a video he did on tips on becoming a streamer and I sat on them for a while. I've decided to share them.

First ask yourself: do you want to be a streamer?

  • Why do you want to be a streamer?
  • What do you want from being a streamer?

Write down your goals

  • Start date - When are you going to start? Or start a new series? Or something else?
  • 1-year goals - What are your goals for one year out? Set a period of time and goals you want to achieve. These aren’t your end goals, but your goals on the way. It’s also not about big numbers, but maybe about building a community or recording all your gameplays.
  • 3-5 creators you want to emulate - Not that you like but you think you could emulate.

How much does he work?

Month Streaming YouTube Business
Nov 171 25 20
Dec 162 25 20
Jan 183 25 20

How Much Do Streamers Make?

Avg. Viewers Streaming Youtube Business
100 1500 0 500
1000 4000 2000 1500
10000 25000 15000 10000
  • Like a bell curve. Smaller and bigger streamers get money. Middle ones, not as much.
  • Youtube is 0 at the start because you are paying your editors.

Stanz has 400 viewers and is in the top .06% of Twitch

How do you stream?

His focus is to make recordings out of his streams. VODs and streams won’t help build your numbers.

YouTube Videos

  • Built-in Growth Mechanics
  • Permanence gauges success better - Twitch hard to get in the moment.
  • Structured format = Better content
  • Twitch streams don’t have structure
  • Every video a lottery ticket
  • YouTube can blow up.

How to Stream for YT

Do Segments

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction of the idea - explain it
  3. Stakes - We are doing this and it increases this way? Time? Money? Etc?
  4. How does it end? When we eat the most expensive.
  5. Meat and Potatoes - Doing the work
  6. Conclusion - when you get to the end.

20 minutes trimmed down of a 1.5 hours stream.

Have your Twitch stream be a way to build for Youtube:

  • Don’t grind.
  • Don’t hustle.
  • Don’t put in your 8 hours

By building a YT Video focused-idea, you'll form ideas around titles of what you are going to do.

The Three Ways to Grow


  • Working with other
  • People on channel or collabs in a game
  • don’t be lazy
  • use your skills and give them something to them

Outside Traction

  • You can bring people over.
  • Outside traction of a community
  • Be authentic (don’t chase clout)

Big Events

  • Special things you do. Big events.
  • Big events will help you grow — try to innovate
  • Hosts and raids are fickle.

Thinks of Ideas that work for you

Think of ideas that work for what you have. Don’t waste time dreaming of things you can’t do. That’s fantasy, not a strategy. Focus on what you can do now.

When you are thinking of your 3-5 creators, think of what you can do—not what you can’t do.

What do you Stream?

Things to consider:

  • The yoink and twist — what everybody else is doing. Who are your 3 to 5 that you want to emulate that you could yoink and twist?
  • Don’t carbon copy. You won’t do it as well. Build off it. Add stakes, involve the audience.
  • Make one for your own content.
  • Pull from a lot of people.
  • If you are first to it, you will be more successful.

You do things, throw shit at a wall until it sticks, and then keep at it, while also seeking new shit that much stick.

At a certain point growth becomes more about consistency than creativity. —  Reckful

Viewers only like what they know. They want you to do more.

You simply have to be better.

You can’t just do what others are doing and what is their advice. You need to find your own way.

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