Something I’ve been wanting to do lately is bringing back some of my posts from old blogs. Long ago, I had a Tumblr, and then a Scriptogram (which was similar to Blot.im TBH), a Squarespace, and then I posted with Angie on the Counios and Gane blog.

I still have most of those posts and I want to share them.

However, a lot of them make me cringe, and I need to reckon with that. In context, I was really trying to push others to write, whether I was teaching or running a writer’s group, and the frustration of getting people to do the work bleeds into many of these posts. Still, I sound pretentious AF.

Still, there are some that resonate and don’t really feel the need to apologize for. I also think that they are good advice—and perhaps the sort of advice I needed to hear at that time.

So, this is the flag in the ground that I am aware and apologize for the cringey stuff in advance. Or perhaps you find some truth in the old stuff that means something to you.

But also, I feel that by sharing them shows my journey and my long-pained history to make a place for myself on the web.

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