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On Hiatus: Still not a newsletter

Yes, everything in the title is true and this is a not-a-newsletter that was never sent out.


If you happened to stumble across it though and are confused, let me explain what is going on. I took a break from my newsletter, I'm retooling it, and when I feel good with the new look, then I'll re-release it after giving everyone a heads-up that changes are coming.

Why are you sending this on Sunday?

Today's newsletter is really about me feeling out the schedule of doing a Sunday/Wednesday release. It is me experimenting with whether I feel comfortable with it and how much will it affect me. The future material will be pre-written and shouldn't affect me, but I wanted to test the experience of working through it.

Why two each week?

I've been leaning further into the idea I mentioned last time—modelling my new plan around Edith Zimmerman's newsletter. She sends them out twice a week, but only her paying members get both. I like that idea and something I'm leaning towards doing with my fiction.

Posting things this way also affords me the opportunity to play with different approaches to telling stories that have rattled in my head for a while. I want to test serialized content, deep dives, and short pieces that open up to bigger novels.

If I build it, will anyone come?

I still don't know, but not a lot of people were coming before, so this at least affords me the chance to do something I love.

The elephant in the room.

So why am I taking this slow approach to building this out?

Well, I'm scared. I'm scared of rejection and putting my work into another thing that fails. I'm getting old and I'm losing steam. And trying to find a path to finding a self-sustainable career has been a long exhausting struggle.

But I am trying to do this for me and no one else. I'm just hoping I find a few more weirdos like me along the way.

The next one of these I make

It won't be a newsletter either. But it will test the format of the new one, so if you stumble across this and like what you see, let me know.

That's it for now. See you soon.