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QotW: Big Projects

David Gane
David Gane
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For context as to why this inaugural Monday Meet-up is happening on a Tuesday, I have to tell you about my summer goals.

Most of the projects are pretty tame: finish Book 4, start Book 5, work on personal writing, finish up the deck at the cabin. But listed at the bottom was a big goal that has been on my mind since the springtime: Walk to Lumsden.

For those not from Regina or Saskatchewan, Lumsden is a small town about 35 kilometres (21.75 miles) away from my home.

Now this didn't seem too hard to me. I usually walk 5 kms a day, so I figured this was possible. But I only wanted to walk there and not back, so I needed to time it with my family to pick me up.

I originally planned to do it two weeks ago, but then plans changed, so when my wife suggested I do it this past Monday, I took the opportunity—but forgot that I had also promised to do my first meet-up on the same day!

Which leads to this week's question: Do you have any writing-related projects planned for the summer?

Comments are open and I will be checking in throughout the week.


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