Reminded Why I Love Buying Used Books

Found in the first few pages of The Tao of Pooh:

to S-F:

hi. hello.

haven’t we met before?
I mean prior to the encounter
in the line-up.
where we had to hand in papers
dealing with matters of consequence?
Well, maybe not in this lifetime
but perhaps during a previous.
as waterlilies
in a pond
with toads.


Then, this was also found:

in a park
wind is laughing silently
but machine truck eighty feet away
makes rude remarks

i see a canoe made of branches
elevated on a black metallic construct
with a few colourful symbols on it.
i see its shadow…

mr. rodgers isn’t here
but the sun plays peek-a-boo with me
radiating crystals of light
through the rumbling of leaves
white clouds. heavenly incense
and tall tree, next to me
I am happy to be your friend.

By: Anonymous

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