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Rewriting is a gift to your reader

Your reader deserves your best.

David Gane
David Gane
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I used to hate rereading my own fiction. I’d write it and send it out with barely a look. Of course, this never made the writing strong.

But now, working with my writing partner, Angie, I reread our stuff all the time. I read and respond to it, leaving notes on the page for her and myself about everything. Changes, questions, potential problems or detours. Everything is considered.

Our books should be smooth, and every bump that takes us out is a problem. So awkward phrasing, broken logic, moments where a reader says, “wait a second...,” all need to be sanded down and smoothed out. I want it to be as smooth as possible before we send it out in the world.

So now I read—and reread and reread—for as much time as I can afford—so that the reader has the best emotional ride we can offer.

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Co-writer of the Shepherd and Wolfe young adult mysteries, the internationally award-winning series, and teacher of storytelling and screenwriting.