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Stories take time

I want more time to get stories right.

After writing a new story every week for the past six months, I’ve learned one thing:  most good stories take time.

You can luck out and get a good story occasionally, but most likely, it won’t happen consistently. You’ll get a lot of shitty ones.

In your rush, you choose the simplest, the laziest, and the cliches at the top of your mind. Or worse, you have no ideas at all.

Good stories take time.

We need time to solve a story problem, test ideas, and rewrite drafts. Sometimes we need to find out way through the story and listen to what’s not working, then make adjustments after the fact.

None of which can happen in a few days or the day it’s due.

So from now on, I’m going to pause on Story Mondays and give myself a little more time to get a story right. It may take a few weeks. It may be a month. I will see how it goes.

I will continue the blog, write a post on Mondays, and then update stories as they become ready. If the delay is too long, I may return to a more fixed schedule, but I want to let some of these stories grow and feel solid before rushing them out the door.