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23/ Stretched thin and moving forward Apr 1, 2021 Newsletter Hello there, March has come and gone, and I’m another year older. I celebrated my second lockdown birthday last Sunday, but I can’t complain. I 22/ Blogging is my Hobby Mar 6, 2021 Newsletter Hello there, Yes, I’m running behind—but not that I haven’t tried to get this newsletter out the door. This draft is my fifth try at it, and to get 21/ Tiny Notes Feb 5, 2021 Newsletter This is a newsletter from David Gane. View or share it online here. Unsubscribe here. Photo by @heyjakejohnson on Unsplash. First of all, thank you 20/ New Directions Dec 31, 2020 Newsletter A long newsletter about why there was no newsletter last Sunday. 19/ Looking Past the Boundaries Dec 20, 2020 Newsletter Working with this website has made me consider the value of forced constraints. I really loved this video about a man spending 24 hours to do a 18/ Stack the Keyboard Dec 13, 2020 Newsletter Routines, Work, and Practice 17/ Somewhere in Between Dec 6, 2020 Newsletter This week, I am handing over my newsletter to my friend and author Dawn Hosmer to share her five favourite things this week. Her newest book 16/ Prisencolinensinainciusol Nov 29, 2020 Newsletter I’m a big fan of Seth Godin and he’s recently released a new book about creativity called The Practice. You should also listen to Pay the Writer 15/ The 5 Writing Books That Defined My Writing Journey Nov 22, 2020 Newsletter Instead of making a top 5 list of my favourite books, I decided to figure out the 5 books that built me as a writer. I thought this would be a lot 14/ Weekly Dispatch - Nov 15, 2020 Nov 15, 2020 Newsletter Dicey columns for proper address. 13/ Daily Writing Nov 8, 2020 Newsletter A cathedral of books and some tools to help you write one of them. 12/ No more excuses Nov 1, 2020 Newsletter This week, we are trying something new. I have invited my Norwegian friend of the newsletter and author Trey Stone to share his five favourite 11/ Working over time Oct 25, 2020 Newsletter Simple habits over time help us do amazing things. 10/ Grammar Rules Oct 18, 2020 Newsletter Nouns, adjectives, commas...and Buffalo buffalos 9/ Emphatic Text Oct 11, 2020 Newsletter Cheese books and how to wrangle a comma. 8/ A Beginner’s Guide to Screenwriting Oct 4, 2020 Newsletter A set of tools to get you on your scriptwriting way. 7/ Growing your ideas Sep 27, 2020 Newsletter Style checkers, idea generators, and the tangled vines of footnotes 6/ Tools of the Trade Sep 20, 2020 Newsletter Hello friends, Now that I am deep into teaching, I thought this week would be an excellent opportunity to share some of the tools to help authors 5/ Emotional Work Sep 13, 2020 Newsletter Hello friends, Another week without an essay from me. It’s the end of summer and the beginning of fall, and my schedule is out of whack, and 4/ Working past the edges Sep 6, 2020 Newsletter I’m always excited by the self-published authors that are working on the margins of what is possible. They aren’t dreaming of winning the lottery 3/ Room to Roam Aug 30, 2020 Newsletter For the past few weeks, I’ve been pushing out the newsletter and essay from a cabin up north. It’s been a constant fight with the internet, 2/ (Un)Structure Aug 23, 2020 Newsletter Lines, shapes, and disconnected points. 1/ A New Newsletter Aug 16, 2020 Newsletter A new format, giving you a list of recommendations and tools for writing