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Sean Flanigan on process Damon Lindelof on writing the Star Trek Sequel First Week Back Starbucks - The Way I See It #76 Zack Stentz on interaction I am telling you what you already know The Work Week Friday Links - Nov 6, 2020 The power of small groups Maxim Zhestkov My March Challenge The beginning of new things Me playing the romantic The devil is in the details Writing is a response to life Tea Time Tiny Homes as Punk Rock Friday Links - Nov 27, 2020 The Furious Explosion D.I.Y Planner on Sketch Journaling Process and Structure Why is this particular character on this journey? Friday Links - Dec 11, 2020 The Passionate User and Buyer’s Fatigue The Rules Not Writing David’s Class Review - Winter 2015 “It’s not there” Dad Gone Mad A Redditor commenting on the passing of Steve Jobs Does anyone know The Most Important Step Sketching with a Sharpie Readings A Beekeeper’s Summer Write Bad Stuff The value of holding onto your links Easy Party in the front, business in the back The Sum Total of Choices and Decisions Fill it with Discoveries On ramifications Now John Hillcoat on movie budgets Stability Priorities and Sacrafice 250 Words Stop Being an Idiot On the step after failing Script Frenzy Honesty Old Posts ReDesign Haiku The In-Between Time Little Printer Cannonball No paparazzi The Pain of a Mistake The Greatest Fail Movies I’ve Watched Recently Finishing Where it falls apart A Tool Against Writer’s Block Ludwig Dr. Peter King on the Chronotope Fuzzy Lines Jared Gyoerick on the moment 1 Page equals 3 Scripts Four Reflections on Craft On getting rich Found this in a local store today On Art during crisis The New Social Scene The Irving Why aren’t you writing? Flights of the Imagination 100 Attempts If you think it’s ugly now… Possibility On Fiction and Documentaries Jason Fried on mornings Connecting the Dots Why Aren’t you Doing the Work Tiny Tilt-Shift Athens Results Work While Standing Don’t Make it Difficult What is Next Good Journeys Glen Hansard on the Making of Once On Time Name changes Caterina Fake on Celeste Albaret Study Finds Alzheimer’s Disease may be Misdiagnosed Hillman Curtis Breaking the Website, Breaking the Book Breaking Upwards On Agile Design Your Next Action Breaking the Story Picking the Scene Reiterate and Refine My Definition of an Act… The Cause and Effect in Shots Excuse me while I go have nightmares Mystery Man on writing action Notes on “The Calculus of Grit” Do the dishes Now that is conflict On Competence Selling Myself What I realized while sweetening my coffee this morning Design Club The Genius of Later Writing Tip Reminded Why I Love Buying Used Books Numbers Zettelkasten To you, the one not writing Bakhtin on the Chronotope Friday Links - Nov 20, 2020 Are Excellent Presentations Hurting Us Overheard at a birthday party Daily Journals leading to Digital Gardens Overheard from Anna this weekend One-Eighty Are You Adding to the Noise? Eric Kim on Henri Cartier-Bresson Noise and Signal How the Cosmonaut is Made Enjoy It My wife… Wagstaff on the time to read a script Today (part 2) 2. Confidently start work. The Harold Metaphor Trees The Red Shovel On theme In Preparation for Summer What makes a writer? Life Work The Eulogy for my dad, Charles Gane Architectural Change On subtext Cory Doctorow and Daily Links Tom Carson talking about Steve McQueen’s Shame Casey Donahue on Connectivity Your one big, huge talent How I Schedule My Week Sink or Swim Writing is an action Underwear The Peter Elbow Challenge Sounds like a writer’s problem Tales End, Story Cubes, Nicole Donut, and Learning On natural organization and Desire Paths Less Blogging. More Doing. On anticipating the reader Get Out of Your Own Way Austin Kleon Why we left Amazon John Sculley On Steve Jobs Joe’s Goals The wide-grip stylus for touch screens What’s left behind Hillman Curtis’s Embrace The CEO’s Wall I Had the Time Paul Isakson on Hard Work Flirting with Breaks More Imposter Syndrome What is your lineage? 2 Years Know the rule to break it The Broken Manifesto The In-Betweens More reflections on David’s Daily Journal Adam Gopnik on contraptions So that… Ellen Lupton on Listening Mental Movies The Creative Habit Ask For What You Want I am… What was Daily Marginalia? Victor Frankl and “Between Stimulus and Response“ New beginnings, delivered by scriptogr.am The Only Choice Digital Gardens and Note-taking Quit Making Excuses Partnerships The Right Time Writing Books Action Monsters Richard Conniff on great ideas Why Immediate Fiction is one of the best writing books of all time Word Count and Benchmarks Friday Links - December 5, 2008 The Stakes Recognition and action David Mamet’s Master Class Memo Forced constraints Screw up Yes, there is nothing to see on Netflix The Void Tim Ferris on perfection Francis Ford Coppola on the Future of Filmmaking in 1990 Knowing Your Limits Ask yourself… Let it go Handmade Clocks by Lurearts Pottery (This is not) The Test Timing Sounds familiar Writing and Writing Well Writing, and Rewriting, and Rewriting Screenwriting Tip #601 On Edwidge Danticat’s rewrite method Twitter is like a river… 0 to 120 Essay Writing Scammy Listen for the music 20 Handy Excuses for Any Writer to Use The Silent House Moving again Thank you—We won the SBA First Book Award Be the one to tell your story. When sports make for interesting new ideas Starting Fresh The Great Debate Clay Shirky on Working Simply The Test and the Call Considering New Rules for Scriptwriting Exploration of ideas Frank Darabont’s description in Shawshank Redemption Todd Zaki Warfel on prototypes Look at that tree… Philip Bloom Films on the Canon I am guilty of this Log Jams and the Creativity Faucet The 4 Day Challenge - Day ??? - Page 51 Mistakes Gawande on death Waves, Life, and Death Thoughts on edits after the fact Everyone can know more Rob Wallin on Consumers and Producers On Having Talent Reader Error What’s your reason for not writing? David Thompson on the culture of acting The Last Ten Percent Let’s Bake a Cake On being more than the sum Herb Kelleher on Strategic Plans Friday Links - Nov 13, 2020 Cleanse the Palate Teach to Learn Bubbling Up Radon Jason Reitman on Directing Genius You Ain’t Going to Need It 10,000 Hours On How to Make Oatmeal Advice to the Amateur Writer Delays David Jury on Rules Why are you writing? A Part of the Process The Movie Experience A Slip-box for Fiction Old Projects The Love Post Hometown winner The Cult of Done How to Find the Time to Write Sean and Leane: Can you respond to this? Writing from reality Andrew Byrom on constraints Hemingway on trying An incredible urge Jonah Lehrer on practice The Simple Fact Bayles and Orland on Quality versus Quantity From a Student Friday Links - Dec 4, 2020 Go For Launch This is for when there is nothing Books like Beer Creating a Satisfying and Artistic Reveal Low stakes Tricks and Rules The Process Police To Kate On Interruptions Remarkable Stories Donald Miller on Story New site, new changes William Morris on Resistance Jonathan Demme on delivering expectations Make your story (and marketing) rhyme Considering New Rules for Scriptwriting Anna trying to comprehend the summer blockbuster The Final 15 The process takes time and patience Lovecraft To understand what I did. Experience with Tools Number 2 on Milton Glaser’s list “Ten Things I Have Learned” An exercise in values How my wife feels about me sometimes Marketing Failures Kent Nichols on audience On Accident The First Thing to Go Anna tells it straight to Grandma The Source What is an Action? Don’t Be this Beaver Thank you—We won the SBA First Book Award “I don’t think it’s working” Why are you still trying to write? Jay and Mark Duplass on being yourself Nirav Christophe on the moment Matt Haughey on weight loss Every Day Rubber Duck Outlining (be productive) x (do the stuff you love) Pen and Paper Matt Might on the Thesis Statement Jeff Bridges on Starting from Zero On craft Daily Marginalia Clean lines of action Leonard Shelby from Memento (2000) Today When we lose faith, we forget A Concrete Process Writing with light Engaging with my website David’s Favourite Books of 2014 Your Choice Just Write Weird Experiments Story Maps You’ll get through it What’s the difference… A city is not a tree and WOARO The Rule of Threes, Conflict, and Starting Your Story All Moved In WOARO Too Much Story Gardening What I want to do around here The 4 Day Challenge - Day 2 - Page 45 Flagpole Sitta by Connected Ventures On Canoeing Becoming a Streamer Peter Jackson on Digital Filmmaking One of those days… Resisting Structure The Adventure Something New Friday Links My King Dilemma Movies I’ve Watched Recently A little of column A, B, and C Pete’s solution Sacrifice 4 Day Challenge - Day 1 Ignorance and my first Big Turk (*Low in Fat) My solution to any problem More than One Want Friends, Family, and Fans Friday Links - Dec 18, 2020
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