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The Good Stuff Stays

Resilience over the long haul.

David Gane
David Gane
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As I mentioned on Twitter, my daughter left for university this week. Although this is her second year in school, it is her first time on campus due to COVID. I'm proud and excited for her as she embarks on this new adventure.

Looking at my offerings below, I can't help but notice that many of them are about resilience. Big journeys, whether going back to school or writing a book, can be long and require a lot of determination.

Hopefully, this week's collection of five links will offer you some encouragement along the way.

  1. This video on How to write an award-winning bestselling first novel is not what you think it is but definitely worth the watch.
  2. When I saw Iain Broome's newsletter, I couldn't help but be jealous. He's doing exactly what I want to do but better. I signed up immediately.
  3. Getting Noticed: The Ultimate Contrarian Guide to Standing Out and Getting Noticed in Crowded Markets. The title of this article says it all.
  4. What I like about the suggestions in Keep Going: 10 Books to help build your writing resilience is they aren't about writing, but the habits and processes that are required to do the work. (Sidenote: I'm currently reading When by Daniel H. Pink and enjoying it.)
  5. Lastly, this collection of writing advice from Ray Bradbury has some good stuff. My personal favourite:
"Whatever it is—whatever it is, do it! Sure there are going to be mistakes. Everything’s not going to be perfect. I’ve written thousands of words that no one will ever see. I had to write them in order to get rid of them. But then I’ve written a lot of other stuff too. So the good stuff stays, and the old stuff goes."

That's it for the week. Thank you for visiting.

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Have a great day.


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Co-writer of the Shepherd and Wolfe young adult mysteries, the internationally award-winning series, and teacher of storytelling and screenwriting.


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