The Passionate User and Buyer’s Fatigue

There is something that I have become aware of in the last few days: the idea of the Passionate User.

I love the being a passionate user. Â There are products that I find on the internet that make me excited. Â They get me revved up and I want to talk to people about it.

On a recent MBW, they talked about how when someone find outs you are an Apple owner, their eyes glaze over because they don’t want to be preached at by another Mac convert, that Apple owner is a Passionate User.

I am the same way about Smug Mug, 37signals products, and tumblr.

All three services let me try them out for free. Two of them I pay for now and I think they are worth every penny. Â I am not paying a lot for these services, yet they make me feel like I am.

It’s a quality thing. They offer common-sense products. They are easy to use. If I have a problem that I can’t find a solution to, I can send an email and get a response quickly (I have emailed Smug Mug and tumblr and got responses back in less than 20 minutes).

I am engaged with them. I read their company blogs. I want to find out what they are doing next. I get excited and want to preach about them.

This is on my mind because of another company that is trying to get my business and is trying really hard and who I am no longer excited about. I have Buyer Fatigue. I don’t care about them. They beat it out of me.

I used to be excited about them and I wanted to try their product but they made it too hard for me.

When I finally got to try it, I didn’t find it simple to use. It felt like pieced-together Frankenstein that had lost it’s way.

Passionate Users are created by Passionate Products.

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