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Why I teach

The reason I’ve taught writing for the past decade.

I had writer’s block for nearly 15 years.

Before that period, writing was easy. I’d sit down at my Commodore 64 computer and the story would pour out of me and onto the page.

Even better was that people enjoyed reading my stories. I was addicted to entertaining people with them.

What stopped me? Feedback and notes on my grammar and spelling.

But instead of listening to the people who were helping me, I retreated. I wasn’t emotionally strong enough to learn and grow.

It took 15 years to write again. 15 years to get strong enough to handle the feedback.

Now, it is easier. I'm grateful for my editor. She makes my writing look good.

However, I lost 15 years due to fear.

I teach because I want to help others not get blocked. To give them a place to practice, receive feedback, and improve.

Seeing people share their stories and grow as writers is a great feeling—it’s almost as good as doing it yourself.

And that is why I teach.


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