I want to write.”

You think about it all the time. You write it in your journal, you think about when you are unhappy at work, and you tell those around you.

It’s a lie. It wastes your time and energy and you have allowed it to become a part of your identity.

When you start writing again and realize that nothing stops you from writing except your own choice, your are going to feel the void that is left.

It’s scary but before fear takes over, embrace it. This is your moment to create.

Start and never stop.

Up next The Creative Habit I just finished Twyla Tharp’s book The Creative Habit where I found this: “Being blocked is most often a failure of nerve, with only one solution: The In-Between Time When you are done your writing for the day, stop. Don’t carry your computer or notepad around with the hope that you will be blessed with that
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