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There’s more to writing than writing

Learn to sell.

To make a living as an author, you must figure out how to sell your books.

To publishers.
To funding agencies.
To readers.

It doesn’t matter where: online, in person, or ideally both. But it really will help you out.

Besides writing books, my favourite thing to do is sell them at markets. It’s personal and face-to-face. It’s a conversation, and it doesn’t take much:

  1. Stand up and smile.
  2. Greet people passing by and ask if they like whatever genre you write.
  3. Give them the quick pitch of your series or newest story.
  4. And most importantly, let them hold a book in their hands.

After that, shut up and let them think.

Answer any questions they may have, and don’t bully them into a sale. People will remember that approach and avoid you later.

They may not buy it today, and that’s okay because they may get it tomorrow or the next time they see you.

The valuable part is that you were out there, and now more people know about you.

The worst thing that can happen to you as a writer is to remain in obscurity.