Thoughts on edits after the fact

Snow on branches.Snow on branches.

I’ve gone back and made corrections on this blog after I’ve posted. I do it all the time. I realize the phrasing is wrong or incorrect or a sentence or a paragraph doesn’t make any sense. This might be a result of the lower stakes.

But I’ve also considered doing a version of notes on here which I intentionally edit over time. A personal wiki that is grown and shaped with new knowledge. For me, this is the appeal of the digital garden 1.

A third option is to offer two versions. One that acknowledges the path towards understanding something, and one that shows that understanding as it is. This way the journey and the present waypoint can be known.

  1. The other reason I’d like to keep the digital garden is because it can record the details of an idea. Perhaps I’d link to the idea of the digital garden. Right now I reference one, but there are quite a few posts scattered throughout this place. To have all the influences and all my understanding of it in one place would be nice.↩︎

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